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Product Features
RPC Nitya Amrit is an Ayurvedic formulation strongly recommended for the physical health and hormonal well-being of women. Known as the ‘natural friend’ of a woman, Nitya Amrit provides hormonal balance, improves reproductive health. The vital ingredients in Nitya Amrit are rich in  anti-inflammatory, analgesic and rejuvenating properties.

Ingredients -
• Ashoka Ext.
• Dashmool Ext.
• Musta Ext
• Colve Ext.
• Tajpat Ext.
• Pippli Ext.
• Guduchi Ext.
• Vidnga Ext.
• Deodar Ext.
• Nagkesar
• Anantmul Ext.               
• Jamun Ext.
• KababChini Ext.
• Jalap Ext.
• Bach Ext.
• Shivlingi Ext.
• Harir Ext.
• Lodhra Ext.
• Amla Ext.
• Ashwagandha Ext.
• Kamala Ext.
• Bahera Ext.
• DaruHarida Ext.
• Chireta Ext.
• Jatamansi Ext.
• Mango Ext.
• Bad Chhal Ext.
• Beal Ext.
• Ginger Ext.
• Bhring Raj Ext.
• Zeera Ext.
• KasisSudha     
• Bale Ext.
• Shalmali
• Catechu Ext

Direction of use - 20-25 ml. twice a day for adults or as directed by the physician.
Storage - Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Close the lid tightly after each use.

Benefits -
• It cleanses the blood by removing impurities from the blood
• It is very beneficial in eliminating the problem of hormonal disorder
•It boosts physical and mental energy & power
• It Increases immunity
•It also helps a lot in menstrual pain
• Helpful in woman’s sexual health

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